I created a new webpage that has a blog. How can I get an appealing preview of the website as I see when I share links from NY Times and other sites? This is my site www.denisejames.dev This is the current view

enter image description here

I would like to add a picture and a title.

I am told that this is a duplicate answer even though I did not mention facebook at all and the recommended answer is only for facebook. The answer helps to let me know, the preview is different for each app I post a link into. Hopefully this will help others using preview for the first time. I see previews in twitter, what app. I was not aware they are different for each app for the same link.


I assume you are sharing your website on Facebook. When you share a link on Facebook you will get a preview of the image that the website has in the top menu. You have a title on the top part of your website, but The New York Times has a svg instead. Svg is Scalable Vector Graphics, so it's a graphic symbol. Once you replace that text you have (Denise James) with an image, a gif, a svg element or something similar, you'll have the preview too.

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