I am making a customised window (a NSWindow with NSBorderlessWindowMask) So far I have been able to handle dragging, resizing, cmd+click and even miniaturize with double click if allowed (see here) so my window resembles as much as possible to a normal NSWindow.

However when I drag my window to the corner of my screen the user will expect to move that window to the next space. (In case you have Spaces enabled in "SystemPreferences" > "Expose and Spaces" > "Spaces" > "Enable Spaces")

I wonder how can I change to other space programmatically and move my window there?


Unfortunately there's no public API which allows you to do this, but if you're willing to use the Private API it's possible. Take a look at CGSPrivate.h and you'll see you can make a call like this:

CGSConnection connection = _CGSDefaultConnection();
CGSMoveWorkspaceWindowList(connection, &windowNumber, 1, newSpaceNumber);   

Note that using this private API will cause your app to be rejected from Apple's Mac App Store though.

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Finally I found a solution. I can't change to a certain space programmatically but I can make my window behave like other non NSBorderlessWindowMask if [window setMovableByWindowBackground:YES] is done. That was the final purpose of this question :)

The solution is written (with some detail) here because that question seems to be older (or maybe a duplicate of this question?)

Is there a way to make a custom NSWindow work with Spaces

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