I have recently noticed a weird behaviour of the V8 engine. When inheriting a class found in a separated file, the engine fails to recognise the base class, e.g. the following configuration fails:


export class BaseFoo {}


import { BaseFoo } from "./BaseFoo";

class SpecialFoo extends BaseFoo {}

with an error:

ReferenceError: BaseFoo is not defined [line: 1, function: , file: SpecialFoo]

If the two classes are put in the same file, it works.

I am using Visual Studio Code, and it approves this configuration (meaning no typo mistakes).

Any ideas?

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As stated on their V8 Runtime page:

Caution: ES6 modules are not yet supported.

This means exporting and importing of files is not handled by Google Apps Script. This is a bit quirky since all files are in the global scope (and in the order the files are listed) and so you can reference Classes in other files.

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    If it helps, I have migrated a Library to V8 + Typescript: grahamearley/FirestoreGoogleAppsScript that you can reference. I spent a lot of hours trying to get a lot of Class functionality working. I do have some inheritance happening too. Jun 23, 2020 at 0:10

As mentioned by Sunny Patel, the V8 runtime does not support modules. However, you might look into Clasp and its TypeScript feature, which partially supports modules.

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