I'm kind of confused of how to approach this. I have to update a cert in my app gateway but I'm not really sure where I have to do it.

I want to do it through Azure CLI and I have two different commands:

  • az network application-gateway ssl-cert update
  • az network application-gateway http-listener update

I have around 20 listeners that are using the same cert so I don't know if changing the cert in the app gateway will update the listeners or If I have to update the application gateway and then the listeners one by one.

Also, I would like to update it with the cert that it's in my KeyVault but I think it's not supported yet.

Any thoughts?


The command az network application-gateway ssl-cert update renews a certificate associated with a listener. Changing the cert in the app gateway will not update the listeners. The listener configurations remains.

If you use the cert that are stored in your key vault, Azure will automatically renew certificates that are stored in your key vault.

Application Gateway currently supports software-validated certificates only. Hardware security module (HSM)-validated certificates are not supported. After Application Gateway is configured to use Key Vault certificates, its instances retrieve the certificate from Key Vault and install them locally for TLS termination. The instances also poll Key Vault at 24-hour intervals to retrieve a renewed version of the certificate, if it exists. If an updated certificate is found, the TLS/SSL certificate currently associated with the HTTPS listener is automatically rotated.

Ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/application-gateway/key-vault-certs

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