I have created the project though jhipster online ui application and trying to use spreadjs . I am getting the error

ERROR in node_modules/@grapecity/spread-sheets-angular/dist/gc.spread.sheets.angular.ts:247:17 - error TS7029: Fallthrough case in switch.

247 case 'autoGenerateColumns':

The same application i created though cli - jhipster --skip-server --db=sql --auth=jwt it is working .

npm install @grapecity/spread-sheets@12
npm install @grapecity/spread-sheets-angular@12

import { SpreadSheetsModule } from '@grapecity/spread-sheets-angular';

added in app module

---------------------------- In Component .
import * as GC from '@grapecity/spread-sheets';

ngOnInit(): void {
const ele = document.getElementById('viewFileData');
this.spread = new GC.Spread.Sheets.Workbook(ele);
this.sheet = this.spread.getSheet(0);
const activeSheet = this.spread.getActiveSheet();
activeSheet.setValue(10, 9, "Hashu");

I Added the code reference to produce the issue . Kindly check once .

  • Typescript compiler should not compile files in node_modules/@grapecity, so there are probably differnces between 2 projects generated that you should be able to identify by comparing webpack and typescript configuration. Once you found the differences,you should open an issue against github.com/jhipster/jhipster-online/issues – Gaël Marziou Jun 23 at 14:39
  • thanks Gael , i have created the issue github.com/jhipster/generator-jhipster/issues/11976 , but they have closed the issue . it is not our side issue might with spread js. if i build the cli project using npm run build then again i am getting the Error: Cannot find module 'terser-webpack-plugin' . If i install this plugin then i am getting the same issue which is occurring though online generated project . So something prob with this plugin or typescript compiler , web pack issue . – shiv roy Jun 29 at 4:22
  • I suggested you to open an issue once you have identified the problem but you didn't do this work so it's normal they closed the issue. – Gaël Marziou Jun 29 at 7:50

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