Previously, had appeared warning about inconsistency between chcp with windows code page (like that) when start psql. When input or output consist stranger character gave an error. I changed chcp to 65001 and made windows code page utf-8 thus the error problem solved. Now psql show stranger characters smoothly. But when I input stranger character it doesn't respond notification or error or anything else and doesn't pass to other line. Only waiting. Then I have to quit.

Note: On the image the values which consist stranger characters entered with pgAdmin not CMD.

enter image description here

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    I have the same problem (no answer from the PG mailing list and no solution on a similar post in DBA stack exchange). I fell back on having 2 settings: a local (1252 in my case) CHCP + WIN1252 client encoding for inputs, and a 65001 + utf8 client_encoding for displaying. A real pain to be honest – JGH Jun 23 at 13:09
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    You don't have to quit. You can type '; to get back to a working prompt – JGH Jun 23 at 13:10
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  • Unfortunately there is no special CHCP for my language (azerbaijanese) thus I have to set encoding utf-8 for both of inputs and outputs; – Cevat Jun 23 at 13:23
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    I added a switch in runplsql.bat. It means I need 2 open consoles, 1 for input and a 2nd one for display: SET encoding_type=1 SET /P encoding_type="Encoding WIN1252 (1) or UTF8 (2) [%encoding_type%]: " if %encoding_type%==1 ( chcp 1252 SET PGCLIENTENCODING=WIN1252 ) else ( chcp 65001 SET PGCLIENTENCODING=UTF8 ) – JGH Jun 23 at 14:02

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