I need to compute the following forumula:

Fromula in TeX:

$\sum_n^N \sum_m^N a_n * a_m * C_{nm}$


a = array of length N
C = NxN matrix
retval = 0
for n in range(N):
    for m in range(N):
         retval += a[n] * a[m] * C[n][m]

If a were a NxN matrix constructed as in the product above one could simply use np.kron for the Kronecker Matrix multiplication and then use np.sum to get the desired result. However I don't know a faster numpy way of constructing a matrix A as in the formula above.

Any ideas?


We could directly use those iterators for np.einsum string-notation -

retval = np.einsum('n,m,nm->',a,a,C)

Alternatively, with np.dot -

retval = a.dot(C).dot(a)
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  • Wow thanks for the quick answer. Do you know which of the two is faster? Probably np.dot right? – jaaq Jun 23 at 16:59
  • 1
    @jaaq Think it would depend on the array sizes. Can you test out on your use-case? – Divakar Jun 23 at 16:59
  • 1
    Times are: Naive for loops: 6m35s dot method: 4m10s einsum: 4m4s – jaaq Jun 23 at 17:28

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