I offer login with facebook on a site I'm developing, but cannot get every piece of information needed from that federated identity. In my case, I need the user's phone number. More importantly, I need to confirm that number, via SMS verfication.

Ideal situation would be to simply alter the user attributes in Cognito, introducing a phone_number attribute, and then confirm that number. This partially works, and in fact Cognito automatically sends an SMS when a phone number is saved. Problem is when you try confirming your account using the SMS code you received:

{"__type":"NotAuthorizedException","message":"User cannot be confirmed. Current status is EXTERNAL_PROVIDER"}

Seems like SMS verification only works with "native" Cognito users. I would love to avoid writing custom verification code, with an existing AWS solution.


How can I a verify the telephone of a federated user in an AWS Cognito User Pool?

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