When inter-procedural-analysis optimization (compiler flag) is enabled, the struct debug symbols (opaque-symbol-resolution) does not work. Any one knows why? Is it possible to have this optimization enabled but not lose this convenient debug capability?

typedef struct mystruct {
  int a;
  char b;
} mystruct_t;

Without ipa enabled,

(gdb) p /x global_var
$1 = {a = 0xdeadbeef, b = 0xa}

With ipa enabled,

(gdb) p /x global_var
$1 = 0xdeadbeef
  • Is the b field actually used? The compiler may have created a specialized version of mystruct that is just an int. – Employed Russian Jun 24 at 3:00
  • Yes it is used. The issue is about debug symbols getting stripped out with ipa compiler flag. – anglee Jun 24 at 5:44

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