At first, I tried installing MySQLclient via the terminal in a shared hosting platform only to get GCC permission denied, I contacted the admin pertaining the domain but to no assistance. I decided to use SQLite instead, everything worked fine, to my surprise no migrations were requested. Now when I wanted to add a product in the django admin page, when I click the save button I get an error that page not found with request Post. Everything works fine in development also when i request the same page while online in the admins page it loads fine. Kindly help

Here is the gcc permission denied Got this error when i tried pip install mysqlclient in cpanel terminal

Here is the the product page at the admin This is the product page while at the admin page

Here is the error when i click any of the save buttons This the error i get when i try to save the product by clicking any of the save buttons


I escaped gcc permission denied by installing django 2.1 and followed this Error loading MySQLdb Module 'Did you install mysqlclient or MySQL-python?' worked for me but now the problem is when i add a product with an imagefield i get page not found with request post


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