This section of my program is supposed to list all files within the directory containing ".txt" in the name but it's not returning anything when run. If I delete ".txt" and leave it as an empty string "" then it works perfectly and returns all file names including the .txt files so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here.

  procedure Search_Directory is
      use Ada.Directories;
      procedure Write_Search_Item(Search_Item : in Directory_Entry_Type) is
         Put(Item => Simple_Name(Directory_Entry => Search_Item));
      end Write_Search_Item;

      Filter : Constant Filter_Type := (Ordinary_File => True,
                                        Special_File => False,
                                        Directory => True);         
      Search(Directory => Current_Directory,
             Pattern => (".txt"),
             Filter => Filter,
             Process => Write_Search_Item'Access);           
   end Search_Directory;
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    You could try *.txt. – DeeDee Jun 24 at 14:39
  • Yes, that works now, thank you – Ben Jun 24 at 14:43
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    Your OS probably has a program to list files that match a pattern (dir for DOS/Windows and ls for Unix-based OSes). We'll call that program <c>. What would <c> .txt do on your system? What pattern would you use to match all files containing .txt? You should give that same pattern to Search. – Jeffrey R. Carter Jun 25 at 6:50

The Search function, defined in the package Ada.Directories, takes a pattern argument which is either a null string or a form that is implementation-defined RM A.16 (111/ 2). In GNAT, this pattern is supposed to be a regular expression (see also here) described in System.Regexp (see also here, second grammar, a "globbing pattern").

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