I would like to ask about Keepass Auto-Type.

I would like to start using Additional attributes in auto type.

command: eval "$(ssh-agent -s)" && ssh-add

and use it in keepas like:

Can You help me in this case ? I am using KeePassXC on Linux.

Thank You for support.

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Looking at the documentation, I assume you want something like this:


The command is case-sensitive name of the additional attribute.

  • S has to be capitalised otherwise it won't work
    – Mark
    Commented Mar 5 at 19:15

good answer - insufficient documentation IMHO

additional "attributes" a.k.a. variables in KeePassXC

if you need more additional "attributes" a.k.a. variables to use in your vast and complicated auto-type sequences in KeePassXC:

  1. define all necessary variables in the area Advanced Entry Options Additional Attributes Here you define key - value pairs.

  2. use them whenever you like with the Entry Placeholder {S:<ATTRIBUTE_NAME>} Value for the given attribute (case sensitive)

like this example placeholder:

budgerigar },oC2DxLWV(

Later call


where you like.

It populates the value


into your GUI window.

Auto-Type Actions
So easy - why are arbitrary parameters and additional variables not described in the documentation?

Because we want to spend time on learning!

Have fun.

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