below is the csv file which has line break in between one row

"-658924041","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09C","DD3582AF" "-658924042","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09C
"-658924043","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09C","DD3582AF" "-658924044","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09C","DD3582AF"

second row got line break , but need the output as below

"-658924041","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09a","DD3582AF" "-658924042","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09b","DD3582AF" "-658924043","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09C","DD3582AF" "-658924044","08/06/2020 11:46:06","kjljjlkjjl","3","EF1B09d","DD3582AF"

  • with which language / softare / tool / library are you tring to parse it. because the newline is in double quotes ("") which most csv libraries can deal with, (usually it is called text delimiter) – on8tom Jun 25 at 13:52
  • I am trying to load this file using oracle external table(slqloader) , it has CRLF, using Unix, in window its handle like ,fileText.Replace("\r\n", "").Split('\n');) – zapipe Jun 25 at 13:55
  • used sed -e "s/\r//g" <file_name> but no luck – zapipe Jun 25 at 13:57
  • I've tired in windows fileText.Replace but DOS nor Powershell finds it a valid command. in which language are you trying to do this, and on wich unix platform are you, what shells have you available? – on8tom Jun 25 at 14:11
  • its /bin/bash and x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux – zapipe Jun 25 at 14:20

i have used sed command as below sed -e "s/\r//g" but its not replacing the line break

The line break character would be \n, but the pattern space does not contain that in the first place.

What we can do is, for lines not ending with " (and perhaps spaces as in your example), let sed append the next line to the pattern space and then remove the embedded newline:

sed '/" *$/b;N;s/\n//' file_name
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