I'm building a PWA application, so I:

Problem is:

  • Event beforeinstallprompt never gets fired;
  • Developer Tools -> Application never says there is a Service Worker registed for this site.

On the other hand, if I serve it locally (say http-server dist/my-app) and browse it on Chrome, it works just fine, with beforeinstallprompt, Service Worker and everything else.

However, similarly to what happens when I browse it on S3 Static Website, it does not fully work if I use my iPhone/Android to browse the app served on my desktop using WI-FI network. I know that iOS does not support beforeinstallprompt event but neither it happens on Android too.

May it not be a problem with serving PWA from S3 Static Website but instead with my very app? Maybe I'm missing a step or whatever.

So, to summarize: It works only when serving the app from localhost and browsing in on Chrome running on the same machine.

Note: Not sure if this matters or not but I'm not using AWS Amplify at this point. Probably in the future but not yet. Is this required to serve PWA from S3 Static Website?

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