I am using Facebook messenger on Android. On the initial screen when I open Messenger there are the "Chats" and "People" menus. The "People" menu has a red circle with a 1 inside it. Also at the top right hand side of the screen there is the icon that has a + sign and a person icon. This also has a red circle with a 1 in it. When I click this icon, the "Add Contacts" screen opens.
On this screen there are two lists of people. There is the regular list of "Suggested People". Above this list is a new list of "Updates". This "Updates" list shows one person that I recently interacted with, but am not Facebook friends with.
I don't see any obvious action that Facebook Messenger is prompting me to take with regard to this one person to make the "red circle with the 1 in it" go away. Is it saying that it's requirng me to become Facebook friends with this person, in order to make the "red circle with a 1 in it" go away?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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