I've found react tests recipes quite verbose, because they need to setup a container and cleanup that after each test.

I would like to share that setup-teardown code between test files that require that but could not find a way to do it and I would prefer not to repeat beforeEach and afterEach on every component test.

I've tried with something like:

# sample.test.js

import container from './react_helpers.js'

# react_helpers.js

import { unmountComponentAtNode } from "react-dom"

let container = null;

beforeEach(() => {
  // setup a DOM element as a render target
  container = document.createElement("div");

afterEach(() => {
  // cleanup on exiting
  container = null;

export default container

But it seems that beforeEach is not being run.

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There are problems with react_helpers. ES modules aren't evaluated if imports aren't in use so import container from './react_helpers.js' will be a no-op if container isn't referenced below. And ES modules are evaluated only on first import, so they may be not suitable for this task.

In case there's a need to share data, a common objects need to be shared between commonSetup and the context where it's evaluated, like explained here:

export default function commonSetup(context = {}) {
  beforeEach(() => {
    context.container = ...;

  return context;

Then commonSetup can be imported and evaluated in tests that need this setup:

import commonSetup from './react_helpers.js'


let context = commonSetup();

it('...', () => {
  let { container } = context;

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