How can I get list of all known names, that can be used in "\N{...}" from perl? Could not figure out to do with Unicode::UCD or other core module.


Unicode::UCD and a loop:

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Unicode::UCD qw/charinfo/;
use feature qw/say/;

say "Character names defined by Unicode ", Unicode::UCD::UnicodeVersion();
for (my $cp = 0; $cp <= 0x10FFFF; $cp += 1) {
    my $info = charinfo($cp);
    say $info->{"name"} if defined $info && $info->{"name"} ne "";
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  • Though this won't include name aliases if that's important. – Shawn Jun 25 at 19:20
  • And you can make it run faster by stopping after plane 3 (0x3FFFF is the last codepoint) since pretty much everything after that is unassigned or private use. But future proofing... – Shawn Jun 25 at 19:24
  • And if you're interested, I have a script lying around that creates a sqlite database for the UCD for easier querying. – Shawn Jun 25 at 19:26
  • I see some codes in E0001, E0020..E007E (no idea what they are) and E0100..E01EF (combining characters to select alternate glyphs). No idea why they're up there. – ikegami Jun 25 at 19:44
  • The charnames module does a similar job. – brian d foy Jun 26 at 17:49

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