I am somewhat new to the concept of building a Progressive Web Application (PWA). I am a little confused regarding this. I have built a React Application for Web. Can I use the same project for building its PWA or do I need to create a separate project (using create-react-app) for that?

If I can use the same project then how will I design the structure of the App for the mobile screen (using CSS media queries)?

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    Yes, you can. A PWA is just an interpreted web app you can turn your standard react app in to a PWA. Use a manifest.json file in the public folder to control how your app appears to the user and define its appearance at launch. – Filip Simin Jun 26 at 11:17
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    There are references available such as github.com/Kay2dan/react-pwa-guide-kit and that on mozilla developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Progressive_web_apps – Mark Schultheiss Jun 26 at 11:17
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    i think converting that to perfect PWA is difficult. Use ionic react with capacitor can help – MUHAMMAD ILYAS Jun 26 at 11:17
  • Thanks, guys for answering this!!! I have a question...I am already using Semantic-ui-react in my project. Would it be suitable to use Ionic React along with it? – Tony7931 Jun 26 at 11:41

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