I have integrated a JHipster project with Angular Universal. You may find it here along with an explanation. I'd say it works pretty well for a simple project and it's not hard to integrate (it's mostly configuration). However, I would like to address a couple of issues, as well as express some doubts.

JHipster Universal overview


  • Generated js code cannot find $localize definition. @angular/localize/init is included in polyfills and app.main.server.ts. I have tried few different things (including bundling it with webpack) and it just won't work. The only workaround is to add it manually to the js file. (This step is explained in the github repository).

  • Bootstrapping js code is blocked by csp policy. This is not really an issue, but I would like to know a good way to handle this in different environments. I guess one way to do this is to manage the express server configuration with webpack.

Doubts / thoughts:

  • Even if the project works I still think that something is missing. What about security ? Dynamic routes ? Securing express instance ? Lack of backend integration ?

Please share your thoughts.


As soon as I solve the current issues and gain some additional knowledge regarding Angular Universal I'll release a more complete version. Few reasons for not doing it right now are:

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    Cool! I hope you figure out these issues and get it working. 👍 – Matt Raible Jun 28 at 2:54

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