I am integrating Facebook SDK for android with Pages Api.

Goal is to allow logged on Facebook user (using offical app) to post videos to any one of the pages that he/she is a Admin of.

I have created facebook page and am able to successfully login using following code.

    loginManager.logInWithReadPermissions(this, Arrays.asList("pages_show_list", "pages_manage_posts", "pages_read_engagement"));

After this I run following code,

GraphRequest graphRequest = new GraphRequest(getAccessToken(), "/me/accounts", null, HttpMethod.GET, null);

and pass the graphRequest instance to an AsyncTask for execution like below.

GraphResponse response = graphRequest.executeAndWait();
Log.d("graphresponse", "" + response.toString());

the log is always following.

{Response:  responseCode: 200, graphObject: null, error: {HttpStatus: -1, errorCode: -1, subErrorCode: -1, errorType: null, errorMessage: GraphRequest can't be used when Facebook SDK isn't fully initialized}} 

What am I doing incorrect over here?

  1. Is /me/accounts correct graphPath? Or should it be me/accounts without preceding /?

  2. facebook apis Step 1. Get Your Page ID Referring to this page I want to iterate over available pages, get their ids and access tokens and then publish to first page found with CREATE_TASK task. Is this correct way? If not, how do I allow user to select a page for publishing video to after logging in?

  3. The AccessToken always contains only two permissions public_profile and pages_show_list. Why am I not getting pages_manage_posts and pages_read_engagement permissions in AccessToken?

EDIT : I am getting following permissions with a different account. permissions":["user_status","pages_manage_metadata","public_profile","user_events","business_management","pages_manage_ads","pages_read_engagement","user_photos","user_birthday","pages_manage_posts","user_posts","pages_show_list","pages_manage_engagement","email","pages_read_user_content"]

But still GraphResponse for the request is the same.

  • Did you even read the error message …? – CBroe Jun 26 at 14:01
  • yes. i did read it which was pointing to GraphRequest cannot be used when FacebookSdk isn't fully initialized. I was confused by the responseCode of 200. That made me think it was permissions error. Silly mistake I know. Issue was I was conditionally executing FacebookSdk.fullyInitialize() if FacebookSdk.isInitialized() was false. Silly, I know..But thanks for pointing out to the error message. – Chandan Pednekar Jun 26 at 14:15

Got the code working.

The only issue was instead of calling FacebookSdk.fullyInitialize() in onCreate() I was calling the following code.


On removing the if condition it worked fine.

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