I am using "Log in with facebook" feature in my prod for which I have public and private key. Suddenly My request is failing with error Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app. The person who did set up this account left the company. Now I don't even know username and password what I have is only public and private/secret key . Is there a way I can get username or password or both with private/secret key ?

Even if i get dev username/email, I can try to catch that person.

  • Of course not. You have to reach out to Facebook to get back the app. – WizKid Jun 26 at 18:00
  • developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v7.0/app/roles could get you their user id at least, if you combine app id and secret, separated by a pipe symbol, to form an app access token. Problem is, that app-scoped user id won’t allow you to access their profile, by appending it to facebook.com/userid or anything. But if you make a request for that user id again, using the app token, you might get their name at least. – CBroe Jun 29 at 6:37

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