• I am new to pwa and twa. I am trying to convert the site I made using HTML/CSS and for the database purpose I have used POSTGRES. I am trying to generate a apk for the website. It is made responsive.

  • I am using python flask for connecting it to the database.

  • I am following this tutorial https://css-tricks.com/how-to-get-a-progressive-web-app-into-the-google-play-store/

  • My website is running on localhost so I have put site domain as

  • Now when I have generated a assetlinks.json

  • The screenshot of the errorenter image description here

  • Console output enter image description here

  • Google chrome output enter image description here

  • I know the issue is of the domain but for the purpose of demo do I need a actual domain or the localhost should work ?

  • - UPDATE - I have published the app using ngrok I have got a https link using that. But now the error I am getting is Digital Asset Links file not found at https://ac78ad8b04a9.ngrok.io/.well-known/assetlinks.json – Lav Sharma Jun 26 at 15:26

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