Background: I am currently working on a bot that manages user permissions. It does this by creating a role for each user, storing permissions for "fake roles" (roles that I have given no permissions to in discord) in a database, and then modifying the user roles to have the permissions of any "fake role" added to the user. One of the commands is a role converting command that will take the permissions of a "real role", recording it in a database, and then turning off all permissions for the role in discord to turn it into a "fake role".

The problem: My problem however is that the bot cannot seem to edit the permissions of a "real role" even though it is in the highest role and has admin privileges. I am not given any errors when this happens, the bot just refuses to go on past a certain point (I will mark it in the code below), but the overall program continues (I can still run other commands). I turned on logging and found the following warning: WARNING:discord.http: We are being rate limited. Retrying in 11326.73 seconds. Handled under the bucket "None:314497807501361154:/guilds/{guild_id}/roles/{role_id}" The strange thing is that I am able to create roles with no errors/warnings, and if the bot is only in one server then the command works fine

My thoughts: From the log warning it seems like the bot is being rate limited, but my understanding is that if this truly was the case then an actual error would appear (such as the one found in this question) instead of a warning in the logs.

Questions: So my questions are

  1. Am I correct in assuming that an error would appear if the bot was being rate limited?
  2. If the bot is being rate limited, what actions can be taken to stop this from happening?
  3. If the bot is not being rate limited, then what would be causing this error and what can be done to fix this?

My code:

    @pseudoRole.command(pass_context=True, hidden=True, name="convert")
    async def updateRole(self, ctx, *name):
            #assemble role name
            roleName = self.createName(name)
            logging.warning("BEGINNING CONVERT")
            #check if role exists
            roleObject = discord.utils.get(ctx.message.guild.roles, name=roleName)
            if roleObject == None:
                    await ctx.send("There is no role with the name **{0}**".format(roleName))
                    #add role to database
                            server = "server"
                            self.connection.execute("""INSERT INTO roles (roleID, guildID, roleType, roleName, rolePermissions) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?)""", (roleObject.id, ctx.message.guild.id, server, roleObject.name, roleObject.permissions.value))
                            print("editing permissions")
                            logging.warning("EDITING PERMISSIONS")
                            await roleObject.edit(permissions=discord.Permissions(permissions=0)) #THIS IS THE LINE WHERE THE BOT STOPS
                            print("edit complete")
                            logging.warning("EDIT FINISHED")
                            await ctx.send("**{0}** has been converted".format(roleName))

                    except sqlite3.IntegrityError:
                            await ctx.send("No need to convert **{0}**, it already exists as a pseudo role".format(roleObject.name))

TL;DR: My bot can't edit role permissions and it might be because of rate limiting

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