I am getting confused because of multiple views on the terms state transfer in REST

But what exactly state transfer means in REST?

Is it something like... If the resource is Weather report of NEWYORK STATE then each time it changes but when a client requests the server for the report of NY, it transfers the representation of that resource at the current STATE (I MEAN THE WEATHER AT THE CURRENT time?)


Is it something like FORMAT OF THE RESOURCE in SERVER AND CLIENT? (I mean.. If the RESOURCE is a PNG IMAGE MAY BE BLOB FORMAT in DB(server-side) but to the clients, the format will be in PNG/JPG etc?) - if this is correct then it is just a representation right how we are saying it is state?

  • Hello, thank you for contributing to StackOverflow. Please note that still I downvoted your question as there exists already a huge amount of documentation on the Web about REST. Your question is also already answered on the first Google link (which might be Wikipedia - in the 'Statelessness' paragraph). Enjoy reading. Regards
    – bsaverino
    Jun 28, 2020 at 0:14


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