What type of method is String dgvValue(int cell) in the below code?

private void btnEdit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (dgvGuestList.SelectedRows.Count > 0)
        String dgvValue(int cell)
            return dgvGuestList.SelectedRows[0].Cells[cell].Value.ToString();
        editGuest editGuest = new editGuest(int.Parse(dgvValue(0)), dgvValue(1), 
        int.Parse(dgvValue(2)), dgvValue(0), dgvValue(0), dgvValue(0), dgvValue(0));
        DialogResult error = MessageBox.Show("No row selected.", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, 
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    It's also called a "wth does this function do?"-function. Remember that code is meant to be read by humans, not computers, so comprehensive naming should be paramount. – infinitezero Jun 29 at 9:35
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    If I were writing this code, I'd remove the dgvValue local-function and use a for loop or a Linq expression. Also, why is it calling dgvValue(0) so many times instead of caching it? And why is it not specifying an IFormatInfo in the ToString call? – Dai Jun 29 at 10:17

It's a feature of c# called local functions, introduced in c# 7:

Many designs for classes include methods that are called from only one location. These additional private methods keep each method small and focused.
Local functions enable you to declare methods inside the context of another method. Local functions make it easier for readers of the class to see that the local method is only called from the context in which it is declared.

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