The Goal

I am trying to use the Soundcloud npm module to stream music in my node.js application. I have done npm i --save soundcloud and have added the following code to my application:

import soundcloud from 'soundcloud';

soundcloud.initialize({ client_id: [my-client-id] });
soundcloud.stream('/tracks/235786751').then((player) => {
    player.play().then(() => {
        // success   
    }).catch((e) => {
        // failure to play
}).catch((e) => {
    // failure to stream

I pulled this from the Soundcloud Developer documentation here.

The Problem

When I run my application, I receive a 403 Forbidden error on the execution of soundcloud.stream('/tracks/235786751') call. Additionally, when logging the error, I see Error: trackId invalid, but I pulled the track ID from the Soundcloud API call on the Soundcloud website when attempting to download a track.

I also followed the instructions from this post in order to get my browser's client_id, since Soundcloud has halted the process for generating new developer client IDs.

So I don't know if Soundcloud has limited the client_id that I pulled from my browser. Additionally, I don't believe the track ID is invalid, because I pulled it from Soundcloud. I really would like to know why this is happening, or maybe an alternative solution to streaming Soundcloud music on my website (without using the Embed API and iframe solution).


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