As per https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc6120/?include_text=1 and 10.1. In-Order Processing How is Ordered Message Delivery ensured across all items in roster?

  1. Is it done at server or client side? If it is on any side, are newer messages being waited upon older messages with a timeout?
  2. Does it use an incremental sequence number for ordering guarantees?
  3. On client re-connect, how does client know what to pull from server? Does the client send last msgIds of all items in roster? or does Server keep the QOS data and client state for each device ?
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First of all, As XMPP uses TCP transport protocol it ensures the server receives the data in the same order the client sends it.

As per TCP docs:

TCP guarantees delivery of data and also guarantees that packets will be delivered in the same order in which they were sent

ejabbred is an XMPP server, the raw data received over the TCP must be compliant with the XMPP protocol and the same being verified XMPP server.

In XMPP protocol client can able to send messages after it has done with session initiation, resource bind, and authentication, etc..

These messages are being processed in the order the client sends it and routes to its recipients. If recipients are offline it push and pop to database the same order for later delivery.

Here ordering guarantees mostly ensure by the TCP network stack.

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  • Yes Adinarayana, I understand that.I agree with you. But my question was to ensure the ordering of messages. Does the client use timestamps as the order identifier to send to server when it re-connects? If it does so, how does so server manage that? Because order cannot be derived from timestamps unlike an incremental ever increasing sequence. Even if it is incremental, how does server ensure ordering in case of failures? as in one of the messages drops? Would the server buffer the succeeding messages until the correct one arrives? – sokc 2 days ago
  • @sokc Are you referring to xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0198.html? Why message drops happen when you have reliable TCP connections underneath? Does message means <message> stanza in XMPP (single chat) ? or it could be any stanza? ejabbered expect some order in receiving stanza during stream establishment. once stream got established it process the stanzas in the order it receives. each connection is associated with the erlang process which has a mailbox that places the receiving stanzas in a queue for processing. – Adinarayana Immidisetti 2 days ago

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