What is the proper way of navigating back from nested fragments of ViewPager2?

Despite using app:defaultNavHost="true"with FragmentContainerView pressing back button while in a nested fragment of a page calls Activity's back press instead of navigating back to previous fragment.


As per the Create a NavHostFragment documentation, app:defaultNavHost="true" calls setPrimaryNavigationFragment() when the Fragment is first added - it is setPrimaryNavigationFragment() that routes back button press events to that fragment automatically.

In a ViewPager2 though, it is the ViewPager2 that is responsible for creating and adding the Fragment. Since every level of the Fragment hierarchy needs to be the primary navigation fragment, adding a child fragment via XML still doesn't solve the missing link: that the Fragment in the ViewPager2 needs to be the primary navigation fragment.

Therefore, you need to hook into the callbacks for when a Fragment is made the active Fragment and call setPrimaryNavigationFragment(). ViewPager2 1.1.0-alpha01 adds exactly this API in the FragmentTransactionCallback, specifically, the onFragmentMaxLifecyclePreUpdated(), which is called whenever the Lifecycle state of a Fragment is changed: when it is changed to RESUMED, that Fragment is now the active fragment and should become the primary navigation Fragment as part of the onPost callback.

private class Adapter(parentFragment: Fragment) : FragmentStateAdapter(parentFragment) {
    init {
        // Add a FragmentTransactionCallback to handle changing
        // the primary navigation fragment
        registerFragmentTransactionCallback(object : FragmentTransactionCallback() {
            override fun onFragmentMaxLifecyclePreUpdated(
                    fragment: Fragment,
                    maxLifecycleState: Lifecycle.State
            ) = if (maxLifecycleState == Lifecycle.State.RESUMED) {
                // This fragment is becoming the active Fragment - set it to
                // the primary navigation fragment in the OnPostEventListener
                OnPostEventListener {
                    fragment.parentFragmentManager.commitNow {
            } else {
                super.onFragmentMaxLifecyclePreUpdated(fragment, maxLifecycleState)

    // The rest of your FragmentStateAdapter...
  • This is actually what i was looking for in the first place, since i couldn't able add navigation to FragmentStateAdapter i had to put them to it's NavHostFragments. – Thracian Jun 29 '20 at 6:33
  • It works if NavHostFragment is set app:defaultNavHost="true"in xml otherwise it didn't work. Also when ViewPager2 itself was in a NavHostFragment you should set default navigation to true for both parent and page NavHostFragments. – Thracian Jun 29 '20 at 7:52

You need to override your parent activity's onBackPressed logic, you need to use https://developer.android.com/reference/androidx/navigation/NavController#popBackStack() to navigate up in your nav graph of nested fragment.

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