I need to build kinda bot to post automatically some links from my database ( of my blog ) on my page.

On the documentation to get the page access token I have to get first the short token then the long one and finally the page token

The problem is I have to get the short token from some dashboard on Facebook, not a request I can translate it into code!

I need the whole process to be dynamic not involving me every 60 days to copy the short token into the code over and over which is not making sense.

I hope there a way to get the short token better than this, as well I need a way to verify the page token if its expired. to let me bot generate a new one automatically!

  • Why would you need to get a new short one every 60 days? And the only way to get a user access token is for you to do something. Either copy it from the dashboard or use Facebook Login. There is no way to automatically get one. – WizKid Jun 29 at 4:33
  • Sorry I have miss understood the documentation, the documentation said that long token will be valid for only 60 days, So I thought the same will be for the page token, But I was wrong as it least forever if I signed with the long one – hesham shawky Jun 29 at 4:40
  • There a lot of tokens here, so I got kinda confused, lol. – hesham shawky Jun 29 at 4:43

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