I am reading a sed tutorial at https://riptutorial.com/sed/example/13753/lines-matching-regular-expression-pattern.

Looks like

$ sed -n '/[A-Z]/ s| |/|gp' ip.txt

is filtering 'Add Sub Mul Div' out of the file, and convert it to 'Add/Sub/Mul/Div'

I really don't understand the regex considering I just read https://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/x23170.html.

It does not even match the print syntax which is:


and is the pipe sign '|' here alternation?

Could anyone explain:

'/[A-Z]/ s| |/|gp'

in English?


I also found that the extra empty space before 's' and after '/' is allowed and does not do anything. the correct syntax should be:


the syntax check of sed pattern is not strict, and confusing

  • -n option turns off automatic printing
  • sed allows to qualify commands with an address filtering, which could be regex or line addresses
    • for example, /foo/ d will delete lines containing foo
    • and /foo/ s/baz/123/ will change baz to 123 only if the line also contains foo
  • /[A-Z]/ match only lines containing at least one uppercase alphabet

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