I used scipy.signal.TransferFunction to generate a system in python bypassing the numerator and denominator, but as per my requirement, the numerator is longer. This throws an error stating the numerator is longer than the denominator. Are there any alternatives to this.

After creating the system, I will use scipy.signal.lsim to simulate the output.

The python code is as follows

from scipy.signal import TransferFunction,lsim
import csv
import numpy as np

input= np.genfromtxt('Detrended.csv',delimiter = ',')
system = TransferFunction([numerator],[denominator])
len_signal= len(input)
t = np.linspace(1,len_signal,num=400)
y = lsim(system,input,t)

The numerator, denominator, and 'Detrended.csv' used above have been exported from MATLAB.

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    You might want to add an working code example of what exactly you were doing. It would be much easier for others to try to help. – Alen Siljak Jun 29 '20 at 11:35

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