I'm trying to develop a simple app on Tizen that uses the accelerometer.



To use sensor features on Galaxy Watch and other wearable applications, refer to the Tizen.NET NuGet package. The Tizen.Wearable.CircularUI provides the Xamarin.Forms extension controls, which are used for wearables.

Clicking the link "Tizen.NET NuGet package" navigates to:


But it doesn't contain instructions on how to install ?

I'm just learning how to use Tizen and C and not sure how to install the package. Should the "Tizen.NET NuGet package" in the Tizen package manager be available at https://developer.samsung.com/tizen/About-Tizen.NET/Tizen.NET.html ?



  • Tizen Studio => C/C++ application, Web application
  • Visual Studio + Tizen Plugin + Base-SDK (included in Tizen Studio) => C# application

You've tagged c and c++ however all linked materials use .NET and c#.

It looks like you want to use .NET so you'll need Visual Studio with Tizen plugin installed. Then you should create .Net project from template. It will have Tizen.NET NuGet installed and you'll be able to follow sensors tutorial.

If instead you really wanted to use c you'll need Tizen Studio and follow this tutorial.

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