This information is available elsewhere but not consolidated to this particular use-case, hence I felt the need for a stackoverflow self-answer that I (and others) can refer to. Feel free to add your own answers if there is anything I have missed.

project some_project is
   for Source_Dirs use ("src");
   for Object_Dir use "obj";
   for Main use ("main.adb");

   package Compiler is
      for Default_Switches ("ada") use ("-O1", "-gnatwae");
   end Compiler;
end some_project;

I want to have this generate ../some_program_name.exe. How do I specify the name of the executable this gpr project will generate? Can it be in a directory above?

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    There is no reason for the main procedure to be called main or live in main.adb. So the simplest approach is to name the procedure some_program in file some_program.adb. – Brian Drummond Jun 29 at 11:15
  • I don't like to repeat myself. If I need to change the name of the executable, with your approach I would need to rename the file, change its contents, and change the .gpr file to reference the new file. I think we can do better than a triple duplication of the name. – TamaMcGlinn Jun 29 at 11:17

Add this to your gpr file:

for Exec_Dir use "..";
package Builder is
   for Executable ("main.adb") use "some_program_name";
end Builder;

Note that the .exe suffix is added automatically if you are on windows.

The information was scattered across Adacore's docs for the GNAT Project Manager.

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