I'm using a ionic stencil starter pwa with ionic router.

I'm in a page and I need to push again that same page but with a different prop, so the page will be loaded from the start with the new prop and re-render.

I'm using

const navCtrl: HTMLIonRouterElement = await(this.nav as any).componentOnReady();
navCtrl.push("/pagename/" + prop + "/", "root"); 

if I'm in a different page, my push works correctly. the problem is when I'm in the same page, nothing happens.

Why this happens? there Is a way to make it works?

  • Which ionic version are you working on? Is it version 3? – Mostafa Harb Jun 29 at 10:59
  • "@ionic/core": "^5.0.7", – JEricaM Jun 29 at 13:35
  • I've seen this post but this is an angular thread, instead I'm using stenciljs with vanilla js and the problem in the link isn't the same as mine :S – JEricaM Jun 29 at 13:41
  • What is the thing you want to achieve exactly, maybe we could achieve in another way, but here there is a small unconplete peace of code and all what you need is to rerendet page, what is the purpose of re rending? – Mostafa Harb Jun 29 at 13:45

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