I want to preserve Emojis with Get-Content. When I pull the string from the feed I get the following result:

$WebResponse = Invoke-RestMethod $website
$str_outputNAME = $feed.title 
Wanna try😉?

But when I save the content of the file and append it after I have the following result:

$content = (Get-Content -Path $file) -join "`n"
$toWrite = $top_line+$toWrite+$content
$toWrite | Out-File -FilePath $file;
Wanna try???


I want to use Powershell to read a rss-feed. Therefor I need to append a string at the start of my CSV-File on update.

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    Try specifying the encoding when writing the file(s) Out-File -FilePath $file -Encoding unicode. Also, there's an -Append option for Out-File which could save you some code. – jfrmilner Jun 29 at 11:34
  • Thank YOU, I added Get-Content -Path $file -Encoding UTF32 at the end and now it seems to preserve the Emojis, but anyway I have a strange last entry consisting of 900 Also when I checked the output csv it told me UTF16LE but seems like powershell only supports 32 and not 16 Anyway huge thankyou! – Georodin Jun 29 at 13:36
  • Sadly did not work for me. Wich Encoding Type you think exactly of? Btw im working with 5.1.18362.752 – Georodin Jun 30 at 8:00

Because my question was regarding *.csv files I found that a better way is too use

$content = Import-Csv -Path $file

instead of

$content = Get-Content -Path $file

Now all my Emojis are preserved within the file but the processing of the script takes twice the time now.

I tried all different possible Get-Content -Encoding arguments but without luck. Always resulted in loss towards the formatting of emojis.

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