I have a requirement to deploy h2o models on Azure . I have successfully handled sklearn models but for sklearn the dependencies in my view are easier . For h2o the java runtime dependency is my bottle-neck.

Will the container that i create will have java runtime ?> Else what are the suggested strategies ?

Should I go for a VM instead ?


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    Hello Rajesh, there are official H2O Docker images available on docker hub: hub.docker.com/r/h2oai/h2o-open-source-k8s - feel free to use those. For experimenting, I recommend using the "latest" tag. docker run h2oai/h2o-open-source-k8s. Those images are based on openJDK 11. Make sure to read the README about memory usage. – Pavel Pscheidl Jun 30 at 8:24
  • Hi Pavel,Thanks so much . Just the thing I was looking for . – Rajesh Rajamani Jun 30 at 10:37
  • Hi @PavelPscheidl if I may ask one more question , is it possible to add my trained models to this docker and use them for prediction ? – Rajesh Rajamani Jun 30 at 10:38
  • Hello @PavelPscheidl I asked this a separate question below stackoverflow.com/questions/62655956/… – Rajesh Rajamani Jun 30 at 11:01

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