I tried to use the updateData(fields: [AnyHashable : Any]) function to update an array in a document. It was working fine after a while I got a really strange error which I was unable to resolve, here's the error message:

global function '__designTimeString(_:fallback:)' requires that 'AnyHashable' conform to 'ExpressibleByStringLiteral'


CompileDylibError: Failed to build Data.swift

Compiling failed: global function '__designTimeString(_:fallback:)' requires that 'AnyHashable' conform to 'ExpressibleByStringLiteral'

Data.swift:115:17: error: global function '__designTimeString(_:fallback:)' requires that 'AnyHashable' conform to 'ExpressibleByStringLiteral'
                __designTimeString("#64647.[4].[6].[3].modifier[2].arg[0].value.[0].key.[0].value", fallback: "reviews"): FieldValue.arrayUnion([id])
SwiftUI.__designTimeString:1:13: note: where 'T' = 'AnyHashable'
public func __designTimeString<T>(_ key: String, fallback: T) -> T where T : ExpressibleByStringLiteral

I have been looking around but couldn't really find much details on this kind of errors, please help :(

here's the part of my code that caused this error:

     "reviews": FieldValue.arrayUnion([id])
     ]) { err in
        if let err = err {
            print("Error updating document: \(err)")
        } else {
            print("Document successfully updated")

I believe your error is being produced on the FieldValue.arrayUnion([id]) part. As shown in the Firestore documentation for adding data with Swift, the field has to be quoted, so you can replace:

"reviews": FieldValue.arrayUnion([id])


"reviews": FieldValue.arrayUnion(["id"])

When using updateData, the keys need to be Strings.

Have you considered using Codable? Import FirebaseFirestoreSwift, and then save data using db.collection("restaurants").addDocument(from: review). More details here: SwiftUI: Mapping Firestore Documents using Swift Codable

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