I have a few questions regarding Branch / Facebook integration:

1 ) I created an web + app event to track "Free Trials". The Branch + Facebook integration in place is an "App" one. Is it possible to use this to optimise for this event (web+app), even if it is considered as "App Destination". Would it be possible to use different OS in the same campaign, or I should create a new integration?

  1. I would like to drive people to the website, even if there is an "App destination". Is it possible to do it through Branch deep link?

  2. I am experiencing a bug in the integration. We are already sending several events from Branch to Facebook. I added a new one for "Free trials" and is not in Facebook Business Manager. If I try to manually add a new event in Facebook Event Manager, once I click on "Add event" and select Branch, the screen flashes a couple of times and took me back to the previous page. Is this happening to other people? Any workaround on this?

Thanks, Andrea

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