1. Website Url: https://dev.makethosegains.com
  2. Prompt works in Samsung Internet, Windows Desktop Chrome, Android Chrome
  3. Prompt does NOT work in Safari or Chrome for iOS
  4. Lighthouse tests pass (ignore the start_url error, whether or not I fix that has no effect. I've tried)
  5. PWA is installable on Android, iOS, and Windows
  6. Offline mode works as expected in the PWA
  7. When I run the lighthouse test, I get console error (even though image DOES exist): Error while trying to use the following icon from the Manifest: https://dev.makethosegains.com/assets/icons/icon-144x144.png (Download error or resource isn't a valid image)
  8. Manifest is valid and no syntax errors
  9. The actual app is an Angular 9 app running at /app
  10. "Continue In Browser" button should disappear and be replaced with "Install The App" button when beforeinstallprompt fires

The PWA works on iOS, so why doesn't the prompt work?

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