Is there any api or function to convert a short computer name (computer210) to a fully qualified domain name (computer210.test.mycompany.com)? I m under Delphi if it's matter.

  • GetComputerNameEx() – Olivier 2 days ago
  • Does this answer your question? How to get fully qualified domain name on Windows in Delphi – mirtheil 2 days ago
  • @Olivier But I don't understand GetComputerNameEx() is for my local computer so How I can convert computer210 to computer210.test.mycompany.com when computer210 is not my local computer ? – loki 2 days ago
  • @mirtheil same answer I made for Olivier, your link point to GetComputerNameEx() and It's only for my local computer – loki 2 days ago
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    You can use GetComputerNameEx() to get the domain name (use the ComputerNameDnsDomain type) and append it to the computer name. – Olivier 2 days ago

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