I have some binaries (.adb) that is created in FireDAC Project, but i want to read the data in python, is there any documentation on how to read this format? I know it is a proprietary format, but the only way i consume the data is using Delphi?

  • Why not just get FireDAC to load the file then write it out to an XML file? – MartynA 2 days ago
  • I'm python developer and i have zero experience in Delphi/Pascal, i only need the read the data, but you suggest create a program that i pass the adb file and then output the format that i need? So then i can call on my python program? – Gaspar 2 days ago
  • Do you have the Delphi app that creates the .adb files? – Olivier 2 days ago
  • No, i only have the .adb, i managed to open them in C ++ Builder, is even possible to export to other formats. – Gaspar 2 days ago
  • Unfortunately, there is no console application that performs this type of conversion. – Gaspar 2 days ago

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