No Matter what type of file i try to import, i do not get it to show up in my Canvas.

What i have tried:

  • Opening the files in 3D viewers, babylon sandbox and blender, there is nothing wrong with the models
  • Scaling the Model up and down after importing it with the loaders (yeah, the importing is successful, no console errors and the onSuccess callback is called), since i thought it might just be way too big or too small for the camera to pick up.
  • Different file formats (.babylon, .glb, .obj)
  • all the different kind of SceneLoader functions, (Import Mesh, Append ...)

Here is my Code:

import { SceneLoader, Scene } from "babylonjs";
import "babylonjs-loaders";

const importFile = (
  path: string,
  fileName: string,
  ext: string,
  scene: Scene
) => {
  SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync("", path, fileName + ext, scene).then((meshes) =>

   // this actually does log some object with a bunch of fields, which dont seem to help me
 identify the problem. Maybe someone knows what kind of info that could give me.

//specific Model being loaded
export const createChessBoard = (scene: Scene) => {
  importFile("/home/tom/Models/", "ChessBoard", ".obj", scene);

here it is being called

// the rest of the scene 
const scene = new Scene(engine);

  const camera = new ArcRotateCamera(
    Math.PI / 2,
    Math.PI / 2,
  if (canvas) {
    camera.attachControl(canvas, true);

  const light1 = new HemisphericLight(
    new Vector3(1, 1, 0),
  const light2 = new PointLight("spotlight", new Vector3(0, 1, -1), scene);


Creating cameras,scenes and all that or shapes with the MeshBuilder works flawlessly. I couldnt find anyone having trouble with the loaders anywhere... Usually they are highly praised as working so effortlessly, i hope someone can help me resolve this, as babylon seems like such a cool library

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ImportMesh method(rather than ImportMeshAsync) allows optional callbacks, like onError, onComplete etc.

These will be triggered when there is a problem or success etc, so that you can better debug the issue

function onError(e){ console.log(e) // hopefully some helpful info in e (might be e.message or e.error)


SceneLoader.ImportMesh("mesh1","./yourMeshFolder", onError);

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