I have read through some similar problem threads, but they were outdated, and I didn't understand the solution, as coding is not my background.

I have a website which recently produced mobile usability errors, and the issue seems to be with the way the website is appearing in the googlebot screenshot, which I've attached for review.

I tried reaching out to them, and didn't get anywhere, so upon further research, I was brought here, and figured I'd see if someone can explain to me, in laymans terms, how I would go about fixing a horizontal scrolling issue.

From what I read, I can go into the developer tools, and input some code into the inspector to find the issue. I don't exactly know what that means, or how to do it.

The post I was trying to work off is this one; Find element that is causing the showing of horizontal scrollbar in Google Chrome

Problem is, where the correct answer is checked off, I don't understand where I should be putting the code into the inspector.

This is an example of how the display doesn't fill the screen size

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