I have a .ipynb function that works perfectly in JupyterLab in my PC. I need to use a remote server which has higher memory than my PC.

I changed the .ipynb to .py using File --> Export Notebook As --> Executable Script.

Running this .py function in the remote server raised this error: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'x_y' referenced before assignment Do you have an idea how can I resolve this issue?

P.S.#1 I tried adding nonlocal x_y to the first line of function; but it didn't solve the issue.

P.S.#2 I can execute simple .py functions on this remote server. Therefore, there is no connection problem I believe.

P.S.#3 I already saved the function's input material on the remote server.

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    You need to show the code as well as the full traceback. – ewong Jun 30 at 6:23