In WooCommerce, I wanted to simplify the My-Account page by removing the Header and Footer only if the user is not logged in, or if the My-Account page is showing the Login or Register form.

I wanted the users to focus only on the Login or Register form, can it be done using Hook?

Something like;

function remove_header_footer(){
  if(!is_user_logged_in() && is_page('my-account')){
     //Remove the header and footer
add_action('WHAT-ACTION-TO-USE?', 'remove_header_footer');
  • I think it depends of your theme, you can use maybe js? – Cristian Jun 30 at 8:07
  • There is not core hook after the wp_header and wp_footer are called, you might want to test if the user is logged in and if the page is "my-account" directly in your header and footer file. – Mathias Nicod Jun 30 at 8:09

Find out get_header() and get_footer() in myaccount page. Place those functions inside your conditions.

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