I am new to yii and i am trying to use dependent drop down list as tutorial

My idea is to create a dependent drop down list by one table:

IntakeDetails [id, course_name, intake_no]

Inside the table can fill in different intakes with the same course name. And then i using another form with the drop down (course name) and (intake). The (intake)drop down will show the values that selected from the drop down (course name).

My form:

<?=  $form->field($model, 'course_name')->dropDownList(
ArrayHelper::map(IntakeDetails::find()->all(), 'course_name', 'course_name'),
    'prompt'=>'Select course',
    'onchange' => '
            "' . Url::toRoute('getoperations') . '", 
            {id: $(this).val()}, 

]); ?>

<?= $form->field($model,'intake_no')->dropDownList(
    'prompt' => 'Select intake',
    'id' => 'requester'
]); ?>

And the controller

  public function actiongetoperations()
      if (Yii::$app->request->post('course_name')) {
          $operationPosts = IntakeDetails::find()
          ->where(['course_name' => $model->course_name])
          if ($operationPosts > 0) {
              $operations = IntakeDetails::find()
              ->where(['course_name' => $model->course_name])
              foreach ($operations as $operation)
                  echo "<option value='" . $operation->intake_no. "'>" . $operation->intake_no . "</option>";
          } else
              echo "<option>-</option>";

The form didn't give any values from the selected drop down even i have the values inserted to the database tables. So, it is possible to use it like that? If yes , please let me know. I am willing to learn. Thanks.


can you show your controller's behavior action? does it reaches to actiongetoperations ? whats response from action? it should be

   public function behaviors()
        return [
            'access' => [
                'class' => AccessControl::className(),
                'rules' => [
                        'actions' => [

 and actionGetOperations(){}
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  • The behaviors is all default by the Gii code generator. – lol Jun 30 at 8:33
  • action should be camel case prepand by action actionMethodName whic belongs to action 'method-name' – Milan Suthar Jun 30 at 9:14

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