class ProductVariatons(models.Model):  # Variatons of a products like, 38-Small-Red, 39-Small-Green
    name = models.CharField()
    sub_variations= models.ManyToManyField(SubVariations)

class SubVariations(models.Model):  # SubVariations like 38, 39, Small, Medium, Large, Red, Green...
    name = models.CharField()

For example user sent me a list of some sub variations like (38-Small) and i would like to response like here is the options depend on your request: 38-Small-Red, 38-Small-Green. Because there are the only choices for selecting 38 and Small.If the user would have choosed 39-Small i would like to send response like: 39-Small-Red, 39-Small-Green, 39-Small-Blue.If I filter like:

user_request_list = [38, 'Small']
filtering = ProductVariatons.objects.filter( sub_variations__in=user_request_list )

It gives me a queryset of all the datas contain 38 and 'Small'. When i access third option's of the datas that i received, (and list them) it's ['Red', 'Green', 'Blue'] But that is not the list that i want.What i want is exactly the 38 and 'Small' datas contain in the same ProductVariatons data i mean the list must be ['Red', 'Green']. I hope that i could made myself understood.

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