This is my query:

            ->join('dispatcher_contractor_pays', function ($join) {

                 $join->on('orders.id', '=', 'dispatcher_contractor_pays.order_id')
                     ->where('dispatcher_contractor_pays.contractor_type', '=', Contractor::class);
             ->join('order_workers_value_added', function ($join) {

                 $join->on('orders.id', '=', 'order_workers_value_added.order_id')
                     ->where('order_workers_value_added.worker_type', '=', Contractor::class);
             ->having('orders.amount',  '>', DB::raw('SUM(order_workers_value_added.amount) 
                       + SUM(dispatcher_contractor_pays.sum)'));

And get error:

"SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'orders.amount' in 'having clause' (SQL: select count(*) as aggregate from `orders` inner join `dispatcher_contractor_pays` on `orders`.`id` = `dispatcher_contractor_pays`.`order_id` and `dispatcher_contractor_pays`.`contractor_type` = Modules\Dispatcher\Entities\Directories\Contractor inner join `order_workers_value_added` on `orders`.`id` = `order_workers_value_added`.`order_id` and `order_workers_value_added`.`worker_type` = Modules\Dispatcher\Entities\Directories\Contractor where `status` not in (open) and `orders`.`contractor_id` = 13 and `domain_id` = 1 and exists (select * from `dispatcher_contractors` inner join `order_workers` on `dispatcher_contractors`.`id` = `order_workers`.`worker_id` where `orders`.`id` = `order_workers`.`order_id` and `order_workers`.`worker_type` = Modules\Dispatcher\Entities\Directories\Contractor and `dispatcher_contractors`.`deleted_at` is null) and `orders`.`deleted_at` is null having `orders`.`amount` > SUM(order_workers_value_added.amount) + SUM(dispatcher_contractor_pays.sum))"

What am I doing wrong?

Tables structure

orders : |id,amount,status, e.t.c |

dispatcher_contractor_pays: |id,date,sum,order_id,contractor_type, e.t.c |

order_workers_value_added: |id,amount,order_id,worker_type,worker_id, e.t.c |

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    I'm gonna take a quick look at the query, but just putting it out there, you may want to use the Eloquent Query Builder provided by the Laravel framework. It's one of the most powerful features of the framework! – Spholt Jun 30 at 10:30
  • Can you post the structure of your tables? My bet is that your table is either called order rather than orders or you are missing a column – Spholt Jun 30 at 10:33
  • No columns missing – Nikolay Jun 30 at 10:48
  • What if you remove the ->having statement and just get or first, and diedump dd() the result of the query? What is that result? – Patrick Jun 30 at 11:05
  • Just a list of all orders. – Nikolay Jun 30 at 11:26

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