How to extract an item from a list in python using element name?

For example:


from this list I want to get an apple. Is there a way to search items using the partial name of an item?

I want to get apple:10 searching only apple.

  • You can try using dictionaries, if your search strings are unique. – Chintan Rajvir Jun 30 at 11:36
  • These are not combinations of element 'names' and 'values' -- it is a simple list of simple strings. But of course you can loop over its contents and check every item in sequence. – usr2564301 Jun 30 at 11:37

This could work, but there would be problems if you had two items starting with 'apple', e.g. 'apple:10' and 'applejuice:5'. Dictionaries are probably the better way.

l = ["apple:10","orange:5","mango:2","banana:20"]

def get_item(l, n):
    for x in l:
        if x.startswith(n):
            return x
        return None

get_item(l, 'apple')

If you want to get all items starting with 'apple', instead, use:

[x for x in l if x.startswith('apple')]
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  • maybe also add the case if you want all items containing ... [x for x in l if 'apple' in x] – Paolo Jun 30 at 11:42
  • So why no include the : in the match string as well? – usr2564301 Jun 30 at 19:29
for element in ["apple:10","orange:5","mango:2","banana:20"]:
    if 'apple:' in element:

Using 'apple:' instead of 'apple' will help in avoiding terms like 'applejuice:10'.

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  • With your in you cause another problem if the fruits include "pineapple". – usr2564301 Jun 30 at 19:28

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