I'm building a module with nodejs to run inside Azure IoT Edge V2. For this I have set up the runtime on a Raspberry Pi running in my local network. I'm following this official guide and was able to reproduce all previous steps until Debug a module with the IoT Edge runtime.

I get a success response after both the Azure IoT Edge: Build and Push IoT Edge solution& Create Deployment for Single Device steps. In the Visual Studio Code device explorer I can also see that both my new module and the SampleTemperatureSensor have been created, however only the latter one is showing as running. I also don't receive any messages in the IoT Hub like it did with local debugging.

When I SSH into my Raspberry Pi I can also not see my new module running as a Docker container.

Looking at the deployment.debug.arm32v7.json I wonder if the docker container cannot be deployed from my local repository localhost:5000? Do I perhaps need to deploy the container through ACR for remote debugging?

  • Have you deployed your Docker Registry & able to browse pushed images from your dev machine ? What result you see when you run 'sudo iotedge list'? & ' sudo iotedge logs SimulatedTemperatureSensor' ? commands on your Raspberry Pi ? Also visit Troubleshoot your IoT Edge device – SatishBoddu-MSFT Jun 30 at 23:38

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